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State of the art technology

GM6; All the technology you require, combined with style.


Safe and easy to access buttons

The fingerprint reader placed under the screen of GM 6 for easy access provides you security and brand new features.


With its removable battery, GM6 is always on your side


Screen technology adding depth

The rounded edges of the screen with 2.5D offers you a unique smart phone experience.



GM 6, the Selfie Expert

The selfie camera of the GM 6's featuring a flash allows you to capture the best selfies even in the darkest environments


Powerful and Easy to Use Software

GM 6 identifies your photos for you. When you input sample selfie, it sorts all selfie photos. Creates a collage of the photos you have taken and arranges them ready to be shared on social media. Furthermore, it can show you your photos based on locations, it also can create great short films.


Google Photos

You can store the captured photos in high quality, free and forever in Drive. For instance by entering "cat" in the search bar, you can easily access your cat photos.

Photo Sphere

Capture 360° degrees panoramic photos.

Lens Blur

Capture professional photos.


Powerful and Enhanced Android One

With GM 6 high performance processor, you can use your appliances and play your games fast and fluently.



3GB - 32GB (Micro SD support available)
More stabile

Version 2

Version 1: SIM1 + SIM2 + Memory Card
Version 2: SIM Card 1 + Memory Card


Always state of the art with Google.

With Google, the developer of the Android operating system, be the first to experience the easiest and most up-to-date software free of charge in GM 6 Android One.



Easy Tracking

Thanks to the smart assistant, you can easily keep track of a cargo for a product that you have purchased or information such as the flight information of the plane ticket you have purchased, estimated time of arrival based on your location and much more.

Instant Traffic Info

With the smart assistant, you can see when you will reach home based on the state of the traffic at your location.

It knows you very well

Thanks to smart assistant, you can see the last night's matches based on your interests, financial news or many other details based on your preferences.


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